Welcome, and thank you for showing interest in our guild.

Nether Storm has recently migrated to the Tarren Mill server form Hellfire, where it was one of the oldest and most prominent guilds, raiding endgame content since the server was created in the Burning Crusade. We define ourselves as a friendly raiding guild. We are looking for additional skilled, dedicated and mature raiders to add to our roster.

Our current recruitment classes can always be seen on our website. Classes not mentioned are welcome to apply. We are looking for skilled, active, and dedicated members. If you play your class right and have the experience and skill to back it up, please don't hesitate to apply.

If you wish to apply, please make sure to carefully read and accept our guild rules -

After doing so, you may apply using the following link -

Feel free to contact any of our officers for a talk:


Hope to see you in-game :-)
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